40% of Ryanair flights will return to the sky on July 1.


Irish low-coster, which until recently had an impressive geography of flights across Europe, plans to resume 40% of its flights from July 1. Naturally, this will be possible if the restrictions on flights within the European Union are lifted. However, the seats for these flights are already being sold.

It should be said that Ryanair currently operates commercial flights, but with a very modest schedule: between Ireland, Britain and Europe.

40% of Ryanair flights will return to the sky on July 1.
Image by 272447 from Pixabay

In order to avoid the spread of the COVID-19, the airline urges passengers to observe the necessary security measures: reduce the number of checked-in baggage items as much as possible, upload mobile boarding passes to your smartphone, monitor the temperature at special airport counters, regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizers, stay in the terminal and cabin only wearing protective masks. Passengers will also be required to fill in special forms, which contain the dates and purposes of their stay at the destination, and contact information.

On board, meals will be offered only from prepaid meals, no cash during the flight, and it is forbidden to use the toilet by yourself, only with the permission of the flight attendant.

For its part, Ryanair assures that it carries out and plans to carry out further daily disinfection of inside surfaces of airliners, tells about efficiency of HEPA filters installed in airplanes. All personnel on board are, of course, also wearing masks.

It seems that the tourist season in Europe will take place after all. For their own. About the admission of tourists from outside Europe, if they are talking now somewhere, it is very timid.

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