Brazil: how to relax and what to see?


If you are planning to visit a beautiful, contrasting tropical country, then there is no better place than Brazil.

The main pride of this original republic is football and famous for its beauty beaches. However, Brazil is also famous for its stunning natural scenery. There are pristine jungle inhabited by Indian tribes, majestic waterfalls and fantastic caves. And there’s more fun than football, in fact. Football, of course, is played by everyone, everywhere. But Brazil is also considered a country of carnivals, where you can forget about the fuss of past days and go into a world of fun, adventure and unforgettable experiences.

Brazil: how to relax and what to see?
Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro

For those who want to be away from the bustling cities, the mysterious Amazonian rainforests are a must-see. Not yet fully explored, they attract with their pristine nature and the dangers lurking in them. Such a journey can tickle the nerves of even the most balanced and restrained man. The best time for a walk in the woods is in the months of May and June. There are no rains and not many tourists during this period.

Apart from the forests, you can feel like a cave explorer in Brazil by visiting the city of Bonito. There are many grottoes and natural underground spaces in its surroundings. It is worth paying special attention to the “Blue Lake Grotto”, whose visit will allow you to enjoy the beauty of crystal clear water and bizarre forms of stalactites. December and January will be the best time to get acquainted with this cave.

Brazil: how to relax and what to see?
The Abismo Anhumas Cave in Bonito. Descent and climbing only by rope.
Photo by Caio Vilela

If you want to feel the full force and power of nature, you must go to Iguazu Falls. It is a complex of waterfalls, 4 kilometers long and more than 80 meters high. The crushing force with which the water falls down causes both awe and admiration. A place to visit. It is easily accessible by plane from the local airlines to Foz do Iguazu Airport (Aeroporto Internacional de Foz do Iguaçu, IATA code – IGU). Ideally, the Iguazu National Park is also ideally located on the Argentine side – the border is very close. This desire of a tourist will not cause any protests, crossing the border between Brazil and Argentina will not cause any problems, whether you are on the bus or by taxi. Naturally, you should have your passport with you.

Brazil: how to relax and what to see?
The Iguazu National Park

In addition to its stunning natural beauty, Brazil also has significant historical sites. Visiting them will allow one to imagine what this exotic country has been like in the past centuries. For example, the city of Oro Preto will tell you about the golden rush period. In this ancient settlement, people have been mining gold for a long time. Walking through the narrow streets of the town, one can feel the gentle breeze of time. It is promoted by presence of 23 delightfully beautiful churches on which external and internal appearance it is possible to trace ways of development of architecture.

Another important historical monument of the country is the Pedro II Summer Palace. It is located in Petropolis and now serves as an imperial museum. In this museum you can learn about everyday life of the royal family. Also in Petropolis there is Bohemia, the first brewery that appeared in Brazil in the 18th century. Visiting it, you can learn about the German history of the nearby places.

Once the most beautiful natural wonders have been explored and the country’s history has been studied, it is time for a rest. You can buy a luxurious golden tan on the beaches, which are countless in Brazil, but Copacabana beach, located in Rio de Janeiro, is the most popular. It is accessed by Avenida Atlantica, the most famous avenue in Rio de Janeiro, which is 5 kilometers long and has the best restaurants and luxury homes and hotels. There are also several other beautiful beaches in Rio – Hawaii, Leblonde and Ipanema – but they are a little less popular. In general, Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city where it is desirable to spend 4-5 days at least. The statue of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcоvado, another mountain – the Sugarloaf Mountain (Portuguese for Pão de Açúcar) – is all part of the tour program in Rio.

Brazil: how to relax and what to see?

For nightlife lovers, the best place will be Florianopolis, a resort town in the state capital of Santa Catarina. Local night dance clubs will eclipse everyone else. Only Ibiza can compare to this city in terms of the variety of nightlife.

Returning to the carnival already mentioned, it’s an event to be sought after. To see, or maybe to participate, is quite possible. So it is desirable to make your plans for the trip to Brazil taking into account the dates of the carnival in Rio. And be prepared for the fact that prices in the already not cheap “City of God” will be very high.Brazil: how to relax and what to see?

We should also say the cuisine, which is very diverse in the country. As much as we would like, we can hardly manage to try it all. However, some dishes are still worth enjoying. Before visiting the forests of the Amazon, you should certainly try delicious piranhas. They are prepared in Manaus, the place where the journey through the jungles of Brazil begins. If you wish, you can try your hand at self-extracting food in the river waters.

And one more unique product, which is sure to be included in your Brazilian diet – asai berries. You can find them in Belém, ordering them as juice or frozen berries. Fine taste and delicious chocolate-nut aftertaste of açai berries improve your health and noticeably increase your mood. For meat lovers in large quantities, a direct route to Churrascaria. It is a place where there is always meat, lots of meat.


Brazil: how to relax and what to see?
Rio de Janeiro

All the wonders and intriguing places described above are only a small part of what awaits a person in this magnificent country, because it is not in vain called the center of tourism on the continent. In Brazil you can get a beautiful golden or chocolate tan, actively relax, have fun and enjoy the exotic beauty of nature.

Traveling in Brazil, do not forget about the high crime rate in the country. The rules, in general, are simple: carry less cash with you, do not need to show it everywhere and everywhere, less jewelry on you, expensive camera is also better left at home … Well, and avoid night walks even in companies. In tourist places it’s quiet during the day, the police are present, at night it’s naturally more dangerous. And if anyone is going to visit the favelas – so called the slums in Brazilian cities, often located on the slopes of the mountains – it is desirable, of course, with a local guide.

Brazil: how to relax and what to see?
The favelas in Rio de Janeiro
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