COVID passports in the EU: Spain supports Greece’s idea


There is now more and more talk of introducing vaccination certificates against COVID-19, or COVID passports in other words.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis earlier proposed that the European Union introduce standard digital vaccination certificates (COVID passports) to ensure freedom of movement.

However, he said vaccination should not be a prerequisite for travel, but people who have been vaccinated should be able to travel freely.

Madrid has agreed with Athens’ proposal. It is noted that the introduction of such measures would help avoid quarantines and travel restrictions. Reyes Maroto, Spain’s tourism minister, made the announcement.

COVID passports spain flag background health care concept

The idea is that only those tourists who have not been vaccinated should be tested for coronavirus upon entry into the country. This would allow those with covid passports to pass border controls freely and quickly and would also avoid wasting resources on testing unnecessarily.

Let’s hope so.

The issue of coronavirus vaccination certificates for the EU will be discussed at the forthcoming summit of EU heads of state on 21 January. France and Romania have so far opposed the introduction of COVID passports.

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