Germany announces to start loosening its border controls.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused and continues to cause enormous damage to the tourism industry, which has naturally affected the economies of many countries.

Today, Europe is discussing possible dates for opening its borders with EC countries. The European Commission will publish recommendations on this issue in the near future. However, these recommendations are not obligatory.

Germany plans to return to the normal order of crossing its borders by June 15. As early as Friday, a simplified regime will be in place for crossing the border between Germany and Austria, and by mid-June this border section will be completely unchecked.

Germany announces to start loosening its border controls.

Already on Saturday, the crossing of the German border with Luxembourg will be opened, and the lifting of restrictions on movement across the German-Danish border is likely in the near future.

For their part, Austria and Switzerland plan to relax border controls and lift them completely by June. So far, spot checks will still be carried out, but the lanes will be fully open.

The European Commission is expected to make a recommendation today to return to unrestricted free movement between EU countries. However, if such a step leads to an increase in the incidence of COVID-19, it will have to be played back.

So far, little has been said about visits to European countries by tourists from outside Europe. And will such a visit be allowed? So far, we are mostly talking about tourism within the European Union. All safety measures for tourists should be observed: wearing masks in public places, placing passengers as far away from each other as possible, personal protective equipment for transport workers.

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