Holidays in Austria: interesting facts.


Austria is an extremely hospitable country. Anyone who stays in Austria can count on a warm welcome and friendly attitude in any cafe, restaurant, hotel or even hostel. Tourists come to this country all year round.

Holidays in Austria: interesting facts.In winter – enjoy the scenery of snowy mountains and actively spend your holidays. In summer – lie down in the sun on the lake shores and improve your health. In spring and autumn – walk along the streets of ancient cities and enjoy Austrian traditional cuisine and excellent wine.

Austria’s landscape is a paradise for fans of winter sports and outdoor activities. Ski resorts attract not only skiing and snowboarding, but also hiking on mountain trails, snowshoeing and paragliding. And the numerous frozen lakes are transformed into ice skating, ice surfing and sailingHolidays in Austria: interesting facts. grounds.

In Austria’s summer resorts there are no large crowds of tourists even in high season, which allows you to enjoy the natural peace and quiet. The lakes along the coasts of which resorts are located attract with their crystal purity and fresh air soaked in the smell of forest herbs.

This amazing country has not only impressive beauties, but also healing mountain air and mineral waters. It is a perfect place for recovery, treatment, and strengthening of the whole organism for lovers of beach entertainments. You will also find everything here: water rides, parachute flights, bars, discos.

Holidays in Austria: interesting facts.

In addition, Austrian summer resorts offer horseback riding, fishing, a trip to the mountains and thermal springs.

The off-season is the best time for sightseeing tours of Austrian cities. The ancient architecture of the most beautiful cities in Europe is charming, and traditional cuisine and young wine will delight even true gourmets.

If the purpose of your visit is a gastronomic tour, you should take into account culinary peculiarities inherent to each region of the country. Peasant cuisine is widespread in the western part, with dumplings, dark bread, beer, and strong schnapps on the main menu. And eastern Austria will delight with the delicacies of Hungarian cuisine represented by airy flour, goulash and other traditional dishes, the recipe of which has been preserved since the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The classic Austrian cuisine is complemented by excellent wines of excellent quality.

A trip to this beautiful country will leave unforgettable impressions – national traditions and culture, ancient cities, clean lakes, majestic mountains and famous Austrian hospitality will be forever remembered.

Holidays in Austria: interesting facts.
image via Peakpx
Holidays in Austria: interesting facts.
image via Peakpx
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