Is Bali cheap or expensive?


Bali… A fairy tale for real. An island that captivates with beauty and attracts tourists from all over the world all year round. Paradise is another epithet to describe this part of Indonesia.

It’s wrong to think of Bali as a place exclusively for the rich. It’s far from true. Although there’s plenty of luxury in this place.

Expensive for this kind of recreation is the road to the resort. A flight from Europe, for example, will cost a minimum of €500-600, and this price for a connecting flight.

However, the uniqueness of Bali is worth it.

Is Bali cheap or expensive?

In the first months of spring or late autumn, the cost of a flight is usually a little lower, but even at this time in Bali you can safely swim and enjoy the rest. The beaches are free to visit and Bali’s main attractions are also fully accessible at affordable prices. For those who want to save and relax on the island without spending an annual family budget in two weeks, the options are as follows:

Savings on accommodation. Not every tourist can afford 5-star hotels, but accommodation can be easily found and cheaper. There are hostels, where you can rest cheaply and comfortably. The inconvenience of this kind of accommodation is the distance from the most visited places.

Meals. There are plenty of expensive places to eat and there is also a service charge of about 20%, but you can eat in small local shops, usually opened by locals. They’re called Varungs. They’re not bad at cooking in these places. Buying food on your own at leisure is a thankless task, as it takes a long time to cook.

Public transport on the island is developed not to say that it is very good, however, with a certain skill on it you can get to any interesting place.

Is Bali cheap or expensive?The main mode of transport in Bali are small minibuses – bemos. It’s colorful but dirty, dusty and stuffy. Drive on certain routes, stop at a swing at the side of the road, it remains only to understand where exactly goes this or that bemo. And that can be problematic. There are buses from city to city, owned by different companies, with a schedule and directions, too, is not so simple. Shuttle bass – it’s clear and clear with the route and departure time, prices are more expensive than the bemo.

The sights in themselves are not free: there are entrance fees. Acceptable.

Now for luxury. Of course, Bali offers plenty of opportunities to relax on a grand scale. Every year, skilful cooks try to amaze rich tourists with new dishes in restaurants and cafes.

You can stay here as in a villa with its garden and swimming pool, as well as in hotels with all amenities. For young people and for those who are young at heart, there are disco clubs. Those who want to spill adrenaline are definitely recommended to ride a bike in the surroundings and see the tempting and luxurious nature of this amazing island.

Is Bali cheap or expensive?Excursion bureaus, kiosks are located at every step, it is also possible to book a trip on the Internet or at the hotel. Choice for every taste and wallet. Rich programs will not let anyone get bored. There are also interesting guided tours for children: Bali Zoo, for example, is a very attractive zoo.

For tourists who like a quiet and peaceful life, the romantic Bali Zoo is ideal. Sunsets over the ocean with a glass of expensive wine, what could be even sweeter?

The beaches in Bali are diverse. Nusa Dua is the preferred beach for a pleasant bath. It’s not just a beach, it’s a whole resort. With the right prices. To combine beach rest with activity on water – perhaps, generally recognized the best for surfing beach Kata.

Bali provides an opportunity to learn something new. Here is a large number of massage parlors, studios. If you want – you can learn massage skills, molding of clay, for the more active there are courses surfing – daring art of conquering the waves.

As for souvenirs, they are cheaper to buy at markets or in regular shops. The most popular souvenirs from Bali are local coffee and chocolate, fruits and teas, and spices. Women actively buy cosmetics and natural soaps.

For wealthier tourists, there are preferences when choosing a gift. For example, in Bali, you can find fine gold and silver jewellery in jewelry shops.

And, as a conclusion: in Bali, it is necessary to be. At least once in your life.

Is Bali cheap or expensive?

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