Italo Treno promotion: 30% – 80% off.


One of the Italian railway carriers continues to amaze with offers. “Live the summer at full speed” is the slogan of the current advertising campaign. Registered users of Italo Treno loyalty program are offered 280 000 seats on trains with discounts 30 to 80% off.
Discount is calculated from the most expensive tariff Flex, but still the offer is very profitable.


You can buy a discounted ticket until 15:00 on July 13, travel dates – from July 21 to October 24. Tickets with discounts are sold in the following types of cars (in terms of comfort): Smart, Comfort and Prima. The discount does not apply to Club Executive.

This promotion is valid only when booking tickets on the website or in the Italo Treno mobile application.

To buy discounted tickets you need to register in Italo Treno loyalty program. It is called Italo Più, the registration is simple, there are no difficulties. Moreover, if you register with Italo Più before August 31st and make at least one trip again until August 31st, you will receive an Italo Tgepon voucher for 5€ or 10€. A €10 voucher if you register via the mobile app, if you register via the website, you will only receive a €5 voucher. It is clear that this voucher will allow you to partially pay for your next trip.italo-prima_1

So, let’s go here and register for Italo Più.

You buy the discounted tickets here.

Use a Google translator or any other translator if you have problems with the Italian language. However, the site is also available in English.

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