Lufthansa to increase number of flights in June.


In June German air carrier Lufthansa is returning 80 aircraft to operation. This was stated by a representative of the airline on Friday, May 8.

Most of the currently parked liners will make commercial flights to tourist destinations. Demand for air travel is gradually returning, but so far we are talking only about flights within Europe.

In June the Lufthansa Group, which, in addition to Lufthansa itself, includes Swiss Air, Austrian Alrlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings, plans to serve 106 destinations. Details are promised next week.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline industry is going through a difficult time. Lufthansa has not escaped the problems, calling them the most difficult in history: more than half of employees have been transferred to reduced working hours, 92% of the air fleet has been frozen, the number of flights, the frequency of flights has decreased to the level of 1955.

Nevertheless, the fact of flight geography expansion is encouraging, we are waiting for the resumption of activity from other airlines.

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