Montenegro will open its borders for tourists from Russia?


With difficulty, but also with pleasure we find positive news about the resumption of tourist routes after COVID-19.

Here, one of them!

There is a possibility, and even a big chance, that Montenegro will be able to receive Russian tourists. Montenegro, on the beautiful azure Adriatic Sea. This could happen very soon – from August 1. I mean, in a few days!

kotor 833513_640
Image by Max Yakovlev from Pixabay

This date has been called before. The Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro sent to the The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases a proposal to allow tourists from the Russian Federation to enter the country. Not even a proposal – an appeal! And there is a certain amount of certainty that such a decision will be taken as part of a set of measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, which is now in force in Montenegro.

All this is insanely great, but somehow, Montenegro, which seems to have finished with the coronavirus, recently announced the epidemic in the country again.

We’re waiting for official news!

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