New safe countries list of entry to the EU. Minus one.


An updated list of safe countries list, whose citizens are allowed to travel within the Schengen area, was released today in Brussels.

There is no extension of the list. There is a decision to remove the Republic of Algeria from the “white” list.

Thus, citizens of Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Georgia, Australia, Morocco, Tunisia, Rwanda, Canada and Uruguay will be able to freely cross the borders of the European Union and travel within it. However, an agreement on “reciprocity” still needs to be reached with China. In other words, China must also open its borders to Europeans.

In general, the whole list and conditions of free entry and movement in Europe operate on the principle of mutual admission in the territory of countries.

Apart from Algeria today, Montenegro and Serbia were crossed out of the list two weeks ago.

The document, by the way, is not binding. The authorities of any of the EU states have the right to expand it, as well as vice versa, but there is a risk of isolation from other EU members by closing the borders with that country.

The next official corrections to the list are planned in 2 weeks.

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