Tahiti from Paris return flight from 1 051€. August 2020 – June 2021. XMAS & NYE too!

Economy class

Special offers from several airlines: Air France, Air France together with other carriers (Air Tahiti Nui, Delta) and the Frenchbee low-coster. Economy Class.There are dates for Xmas and New Year’s Eve! Expensive? No, it’s not!

First, about the flight with Frenchbee. The price includes hand luggage up to 12 kg. Do not forget that this is a budget company: the ticket is not changeable and not refundable (unless, of course, the flight is not canceled by the airline), meals in flight, as well as checked-in baggage – for extra fees.

Flights from Paris Orly Airport in Papeete with a technical stop in San Francisco on Airbus 350-900.

What is a “technical stop”? Since last year, Frenchbee has agreed with U.S. border and customs authorities that passengers on flights to Tahiti via San Francisco are exempt from the obligation to receive their baggage in the United States and present it for inspection. This has always been done and is done when transiting through U.S. airports, and there are no transit zones there. However, somehow Frenchbee managed to simplify this issue for its passengers. You can read more here.

The border control will still have to pass. To do so, you must have a valid United States visa in your passport. Citizens of Visa Waiver Program countries can do without a visa. All you need to do is get an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) application confirmation. The list of countries may vary from year to year.

Now about prices. Tickets are cheaper than on the Frenchbee website, you can find them at aggregators, for example, Kiwi. But the same Kiwi declares this flight as “Separate tickets booked together” and warns about self-transfer at San Francisco (SFO). This may be some kind of mistake, as the airline is the same and even the board is the same, but the Kiwi website says so. There is very little time for such a connection, given the passing of border control in the U.S. Kiwi, however, has its own Kiwi guarantee policy, which guarantees an alternative flight or refund in case of missed connecting flight through no fault of the passenger, but according to Kiwi feedback this policy does not work well.

So we recommend you pay a little more, but be sure to fly. To do this, book tickets on the Frenchbee website:

Book on Frenchbee website

Air France. Similar flight from Charles de Gaulle airport in Papeete via Los Angeles with Boeing 777. Good prices will start from August 2020, but only until the end of March 2021. After March, the price is higher. Meals on board are included, hand luggage up to 12 kg is allowed free of charge. Not only will you have to pay extra for check-in baggage, you will also have to pick it up at Los Angeles Airport.However, for the CDG – LAX – PPT route, this procedure has been simplified: you received a suitcase in the baggage claim area, passed customs checkpoint and put it on the luggage belt.

Air France also offers a free ticket exchange. No refund.

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Booking samples with Air France:

12.09.2020 – 23.09.2020

08.10.2020 – 18.10.2020

05.11.2020 – 13.11.2020

12.12.2020 – 25.12.2020

20.12.2020 – 30.12.2020 with Air Tahiti Nui

27.12.2020 – 06.01.2020 with Air Tahiti Nui

You have your choice.

There are also Air France flights with connections in Vancouver. You need a Canadian visa, at least a transit visa. We do not consider it here, but you can find such flights yourself. The price is approximately the same.

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