Thailand has announced the opening of Phuket for tourists from October 1.


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What we understand is that the resolution has already been made. Thailand will allow foreign travelers to visit the island, but with very serious restrictions.

IMG_0979Stay in Phuket must be at least 30 days, and those arriving in Thailand must comply with the quarantine within the limited area of the hotel where they will be staying for the first 2 weeks after arrival. Within these 14 days, tourists will be required to take two Coronavirus tests and if the tests are negative, they can move to other areas of Phuket. If a traveller wishes to visit the rest of the country, they will need another week on the island and another test – a control test.

Previously, Thailand, like some other Asian countries, had anticipated the creation of “tourist bubbles”, but the project was suspended by the Thai Government.

Thailand assures future guests that the coronavirus situation in the country is fully under control. In nearly three months, no confirmed cases of COVID-19 contamination have been reported within the Kingdom. True, last Tuesday, allegedly revealed one case: in Bangkok, a test in a woman who returned from abroad in late June (!) and passed a 2-week quarantine, gave a positive result. Medics immediately rushed to calm down: the patient is not contagious, previous tests were negative, and, in general, found, say, not the virus, and traces of the virus.

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Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Since this global coronavirus horror, Thailand has recorded about 3,400 cases and 58 deaths. This is a record low figure for a country of over 68 million people.

Whether this news refers to some individual countries or to all countries, there is no information. So, let’s assume that all (on such terms of stay!), and, therefore, we can slowly gather. However, to prepare for the fact that flights to the Kingdom will be extremely inexpensive. And the cost of staying in reservation hotels in Phuket is unlikely to be sparing. However, if you take care of reservations in advance, you can certainly guess the price. The main thing to consider:

  • book flights and hotels exclusively with free cancellation option,
  • buy tickets with direct flights or through countries with which air travel has already been resumed. From Europe, we see now direct flights to Phuket from Zurich only. We can still fly via Istanbul. Another option: from Europe to Phuket with a connection in Bangkok.

You can see the flight now. We select our own airline tickets on proven aggregator Jetradar. And we remember that the stay must be long.

Booking samples:

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Снимок экрана 2020 08 22 в 16.05.21

You can search for other flights, other dates by yourself. Buy while damaged, let’s wait for details.

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Source: Reuters

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

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