The Asian carrier Starlux offers Status match to status passengers of other airlines.


The offer is very generous: you can obtain status in the COSMILE loyalty programme for as long as 4 years! In case you have a premium level in any other airline, of course. Even if you know nothing about Starlux airlines, if you do not plan to fly it, and if there is no airline in any alliance, remember: things can change in 4 years! And Asian carriers are happy to accept any of the three alliance types into their ranks!

So, what is known about Starlux? Officially launched in 2016 in Taipei (Taiwan), the first flight was made from Taipei to Macau on 23 January 2020. As of July 2020, Starlux Airlines was serving the following destinations from Taipei: Macao, Penang (Malaysia), Cebu (Philippines) and Danang (Vietnam). In August 2020, with flight interruptions due to the pandemic, Starlux launched a ‘nowhere’ flight: from Taipei to Taipei with about 3 hours in the air and meals served from a restaurant. Tickets worth around $160 each were bought out in minutes.


The airline is positioning itself as a carrier of the premium segment. It currently operates Airbus A321neo liners, which convert business class seats into a fully flat bed. Starlux has ordered 18(!) Airbus A350 for its needs, the deliveries of which are scheduled for 2021.

Back to status-match. You need to visit the promotion page: Other airline member card tier match application and follow the instructions on this page. From practice: the offer can be withdrawn at any time.

Benefits for different Cosmile levels can be viewed here.

Naturally, you must first register as a member of the Cosmile frequent flyer programme.

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