To Iceland from Moscow in August – October 2020 from 206€

Economy class

It’s just a very low price for a flight like this. And a wonderful time to visit this amazing country. Geysers, geothermal resorts, waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and amazing landscapes are all about Iceland.


The best time to travel on this offer is, of course, September. The heat is still warm and the tourists are less and less and the prices are lower… Car rental offices also reduce the rates and you will practically need a car there.

Russians and residents of CIS countries need both national and international driving licenses.


Flights in September are a little more expensive, but still this proposal is worth considering for those who want to touch the splendor of a unique Iceland, in which as nowhere is expressed the mighty force of nature that takes over civilization.

We will fly from Domodedovo Airport to Lufthansa with a transfer in Frankfurt. It is possible to make long connections in Germany, maybe to someone who only needs it. There are also flight options with short connections.

Luggage not included, only hand luggage up to 8 kg.


On the plus side: Lufthansa now has a free exchange policy and even a 50€ discount on the exchange. More information can be found here.

Booking samples:

04.10.2020 – 12.10.2020

28.08.2020 – 07.09.2020

04.09.2020 – 14.09.2020

06.09.2020 – 14.09.2020

06.09.2020 – 16.09.2020

13.09.2020 – 21.09.2020

There are not many tickets at good prices, so we recommend you hurry up with a choice!

You can read more about Iceland here: The land of ice and fire: where and what you must see in Iceland.


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