Travellers from Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Greece can fly to Beijing starting tomorrow.


For more than 5 months, the airports of the Chinese capital have not received regular international flights. Flights from abroad travelling to Beijing were redirected to other cities in China to avoid bringing the virus into more than 20 million cities.

From 3 September, Beijing Airport will be servicing flights from several countries at once.

Priority is given to states with low coronavirus cases. There are eight so far: Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and… Greece.
Against the background of the fact that, for travellers from Greece, quarantine in the UK has already been introduced or is about to be introduced, its presence on this list is somewhat surprising.

Negative COVID-19 test results before boarding will be a must for passengers travelling to Beijing. Also, according to a representative of the Beijing authorities, all passengers arriving on these flights will still have to undergo 14 days’ isolation at a special isolation centre. After the quarantine, passengers will then be checked again and can leave if the result is negative. But they will have to report their temperature for the next week.

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These are the serious conditions and requirements. By the way, another thing: only Chinese citizens or citizens of the country from which the flight originates will be able to get on board. The number of passengers on each flight will be limited to 500, and no more than 1,000 passengers will be allowed to arrive per day.

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Travellers from Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Greece can fly to Beijing starting tomorrow.

The main photo is of Beijing Airport. Image by Gauh_603424 from Pixabay

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